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Publication :: Focus Magazine (Germany)

It is always a bit frustrating to discover a 1/4-page picture when having expected a double-page spread. But, well, the experience was really great so why am I complaining?

Last November, I worked on an assignment for Focus, a german weekly magazine. The magazine asked me to take pictures at Kotoen, a kindergarten and nursing home for elderly people. This very special place is not usual in Japan, and even more unusual in Europe. Kids can play with old people and old people can take care of kids.

Tokyo - 3rd of December 2009 - Kotohen nursery and nursing home

When I was there, a special meeting was held and the kids and the elderly people could interact. Usually staying on different floors, they can meet once a week. When the kids went out of the elevator, the elderly welcomed them. Some of them already knew each other. The kids were a bit impressed and shy in the beginning, while the elderly people were all pleased and smiling.
A nurse switched on the music and the kids started to dance. The elder ones really enjoyed it, some of them stood up and danced, everyone was clapping in the hands or shaking their arms up and down. At this point everybody was laughing : the kids because they enjoy dancing and the elder ones because they really like to be with the kids. They played three songs, sang together and then the kids went away in a line to clap in the elder’s hands.

It was a real pleasure for both and especially for the elderly, as they really need this kind of social event. And it was a great pleasure for me too. So, why am I complaining?

Full story here (published in April, German only).

More pictures here.


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  1. Damon

    Nice! It doesn’t matter so much how they use it if they paid you the right amount for the commission. Still a double page spread would send more work your way. Lovely shot in the uncropped version by the way, good depth and balance. Love the energy.
    Hope to catch up soon

    Apr 23, 2010 @ 23:06

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