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Publication :: Le Monde (Fr)

I had an assignment this week for the French newspaper “Le Monde”, published yesterday (Dimanche 15 aout – lundi 16 aout), about the international far-right meeting in Tokyo.

This nationalist fiesta was organized by Japanese party Issuikai, headed by Mitsuhiro Kimura, who invited European far-right parliament members and in particular French leaders of the “Front National” : Jean-Marie Le Pen and Bruno Gollnisch.

Mr Gollnisch studied Japanese law in Kyoto in the seventies, he can speak Japanese fluently and was the instigator of this meeting.

Le Monde decided to focus on Jean-Marie Le Pen, as the whole final page has various storie about the “Front National”. My picture was turned into black and white, which is a bit surprising and disappointing at first sight, but finally the result is quite interesting.

All pictures here.

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