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Publication :: Zoom Japon (Fr)

The third issue of French free magazine Zoom Japon is now available in France but also online.

This assignment was about Tokyo Tower (東京タワー) losing its Japan’s tallest tower rank. The new Tokyo Sky Tree (東京スカイツリー), located in Oshiage area of Sumida Ward, will be completed in 2011 and will reach a height of 634m. Since March 2010, the Sky Tree is higher than the Tokyo Tower.

The cover picture was picked up from my archive and was shot from the Mori tower (Roppongi Hills).

For the first inside photo, I used the Tilt function of a 24 mm Tilt-Shift lens to reduce the depth of field.

And lastly the picture of the Sky Tree was taken at dusk from a bridge over a small canal with other fellow photographers. Old Japanese photographers are always aware of good spots to shoot from… The picture has been seriously cropped and lightened.

For more pictures of the Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree, this way please.

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  1. Damon

    Love the sky tree shots, very moody

    Sep 02, 2010 @ 00:13

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