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The story on Japanese marriage-hunting (Konkatsu) covered last June by the journalist Delphine Lorin-Etuy and me has been published by “Elle Belgique” in its October’s issue.

Konkatsu is an abbreviation of kekkon (marriage) and katsudo (activity), which literally means “marriage hunting”. Several factors seem to push young women, mostly, to konkatsu:

– In 2010, wedding is considered by half of them as “the best life-time employment” and Japan sees a revival of traditional values due to the economical crisis.

– In Japan, 98% of children are born from married parents (compared to 48% in France). If a Japanese woman wants a baby, she has to find an husband first.

– Men are more and more difficult to “catch”. The number of soshoku-dansei, or “herbivores”, is increasing: these men prefer not getting engaged with anyone.

Japanese matrimonial agencies propose many kinds of socializing events like a trash-collecting activity on Miura beach (Kanagawa prefecture), which we have covered in this report. A school named “Infini” also offers private lessons for young women to learn how to bow in front of the future parents-in-law.

Almost half of the pictures chosen by Elle Belgique editors are stock photographies, that I took in different times and locations before this assignment. A few extra pictures of the assignment are displayed below.

More pictures of the Japanese Konkatsu here.

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