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Archive for January, 2011
Publication :: L’Express (Fr)
Publication :: L'Express (Fr)

After having spent much money for Christmas, announcers are broke. For the first issue of the year,  editors have to add extra contents for their magazine not to look too skinny. Good for me, as I had this assignment for “L’Express”, a French weekly news magazine. They published a special issue about creativity in Japan, […]

Publication :: Ulysse magazine (Fr)
Publication :: Ulysse magazine (Fr)

Two pictures of mine in this month’s issue of Ulysse magazine (France), about Japanese food. One of the picture was taken at Rengejo-in temple in Koyasan and is part of my work “Koyasan, birthplace of Japanese buddhism” (2010). The other one is a portrait of Shuzo Kishida, 35, the youngest Michelin-three-starred-chef in the world. I […]