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Publication :: L’Express (Fr)

After having spent much money for Christmas, announcers are broke. For the first issue of the year,  editors have to add extra contents for their magazine not to look too skinny. Good for me, as I had this assignment for “L’Express”, a French weekly news magazine. They published a special issue about creativity in Japan, as the first issue of 2011.

French issue cover (left) and International issue cover (right)

This was a long 3-week assignment, 25 pages about youth, fashion, design, architecture and food. I shot hundreds of pictures, mostly portraits. The picture editors chose two pictures from my archives for the two opening double pages spreads, the first one was taken at the famous Shibuya crossing and the second one in the Koyasan Oku-no-in cemetary.

The cover picture was much more recent, as it was captured on the 30th of December, my last day of shooting and the day before the editors put the magazine to bed. Actually it was the last but one picture I shot for the whole assignment. I spent the afternoon searching for a “beautiful, fashionable and young Japanese girl in front of a beautiful background”. I went by bicycle to Harajuku, Omotesando and Shibuya, the best spots ever for this kind of assignment. I didn’t shoot much on that day, searching in the crowd for the most beautiful girl in town. Sometimes I was able to stop them for a short time, sometimes I just shot them without asking. Here are two other pictures of this “cover shooting” day and the uncroped version of the final picture :

In the coming weeks I will publish a few posts about this assignment and more generally about architecture, food and design. Stay tuned.

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