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Kazuo Kitai (北井一夫)

It has been a while since my last post. I was quite busy at the end of February and beginining of March, working on assignments for magazines and on an editorial piece about the architecture of the new Embassy of France in Tokyo, which should be published in July. On March 11 at 2:46 pm, I was just about to finish this assignment and taking the last pictures when the Tohoku earthquake hit Japan.

Unfortunately I left Japan for a few weeks, due to nuclear fears and family pressure, before coming back to work at the beginning of April. Life goes on, or tries to, for the refugees up North.

I was invited yesterday to the opening ceremony of a photography exhibition by Aki Tanaka at Tosei Gallery in the Nakano area. There I met Kunihiro Takahashi, CEO of the gallery and of the publishing company – a very dynamic and cheerful guy, focused on analogic photography. His face lit up when I told him that the picture on my business card was shot on film 6 years ago, in contrast to with his disappointment when I admitted that I take only digital pictures now… But his affection for film photography conducted him to select very talented film photographers, most of them on close to retirement (if photographers do retire, I am not sure about that…).

After asking me if I liked the book I was looking at, he simply gave it to me as a gift. I had known him for only 10 minutes and he offered me one of the books he was supposed to sell in the bookshop. So nice of him. 高橋さん、ありがとう!

Here are some pictures of this book, 1970年代NIPPON (Seventies in Japan) by Kazuo Kitai. I did not know this photographer, but now I am looking forward to meeting him at his next exhibition in the gallery in January 2012. The distance and the composition of his pictures reminds me Raymond Depardon’s in the 80’s. There are numerous books in Japan with black and white film pictures, but few are this interesting.

More books by Kazuo Kitai on Japan exposure.

A nice review of the “Spanish nights” book by Street Level Japan.

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