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Publication :: M, le magazine du Monde (France)

Sorry for the silence on this blog for the last few months. I try to post some fresh news on my Facebook or Twitter account as much as I can but unfortunately I don’t take time to write a few sentences on this blog…

“M, le magazine du Monde”, weekly Saturday edition of Le Monde newspaper, published last week the pictures I took in Kamakura of the favorite places of Richard Collasse, writer and president of Chanel Japan. Mr Collasse has been living in Japan for more than 30 years and had a very nice traditional house built a few steps from the Daibutsu (大仏), Kamakura’s great Buddha, in the middle of a gorgeous forest.

During this short trip to the ancient capital of Japan, I had to take a picture of the grave of Yasujiro Ozu, Japanese master movie director, admired by photographers (me included) and film makers. On his grave, only one sign : 無 (mu – nothingness).

Follow the link for more pictures of Richard Collasse, Yasujiro Ozu’s grave and Kamakura.

On the last picture of the link, you can see the blue sign on the right side indicating the height of the ground in case of tsunami. Many of this signs have been placed after the great earthquake and tsunami of March 11 2011.


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