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Publication :: Der Spiegel (Ger) – August 19 2013

A few pictures of an assignment for Der Spiegel published this week in the German weekly.

It was my first time shooting sumo wrestlers and I really liked the atmosphere, almost monastic during the training (6am- 10am) and very friendly during the lunch (11am-13am). I went first in a sumo club for kids in Asakusa and another morning in a professional sumo stable called Ootake-beya (大嶽部屋) in the Kyosumishirakawa area. One of my best experience in Japan. And I really recommend the tournaments as well. Such a unique sport!

Former French President Jacques Chirac was passionated by sumo on the contrary of his successor, Nicolas Sarkozy, who declared on January 9 2004 : “How can we be fascinated by these fights of obese guys with wet look bun? Sumo is definitely not a sport for intellectuals!”

I am not sure about what Francois Hollande thinks though.

More pictures of sumo here.

Sumo wrestlers training

Sumo wrestlers training




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